Red Earl Ballinafad Sligo

The Red Earls Road lake1_3

This name was given to the road from Sligo to Boyle because it was the route taken by the Earls from the North (Red Hugh O’Donnell, the O’Neill’s and their clans) on their marathon journey to join up with O’Sullivan Beara in Cork.  This march was in the Winter and was full of hardship and deprivation The battle of Kinsale took place when the men from the north and the south met the English at Kinsale

The Irish were defeated and a treaty was made which resulted in the Flight of the Earls to continental Europe and the break-up of the power of the Northern chieftains. Soon after (1609) the plantation of Ulster took place and Counties Derry’ Tyrone Fermanagh, Donegal, Armagh and Cavan were given to English landlords and the Irish became tenant-farmers on their own lands or were evicted.