Corrick In Irish Carraig Ballinafad Sligo

Changes In The Area Carraig

In the past 50 years fifteen family homes lay in ruins their occupants having passed away or emigrated. They have spread their wings and flown as far as New York, Melbourne, Perth etc. A great new building in the form of a reservoir nestles half way up the Carraig Hill and this means that all the houses in the area have a good supply of water on tap.

 Itís a wonderful area for nature. Wild flowers, butterflies, birds and the cuckoo is a very early arrival and heralds the start of summer. Foxes and badgers abound and there is word there were two pet foxes being hand fed. The people of the area give a great welcome to new arrivals and time stands still. One family moving in were amazed when every evening they returned to find a bag of turf, turnips, wood blocks, cabbage at their door. There may be changes in Carraig but the warmth of neighbours is still as strong as when they ran to school in their bare feet.


Pat Camplisson & Anne Scully
John Travers & Joy Mullen