I live in Carrowkeel so I’m the most qualified to write about it is the most beautiful place in Sligo.  There are fantastic views of Lough Arrow Hollybrook across the lake to Highwood Castlebaldwin, Ballinadoon, etc .I live about twenty minutes walk from the Cairns or Dolmans as they are called. In the distance when you get to the top of the mountain, you DSCN0286can see the back of the caves of Keash.

Down on a plane to the west, there is what we call the village. A flat plain of stones of every shape lots of forts, then there is Dunaveragh just over from it. Actually the whole area where I live is steeped in Archeology.

There is a Fairy Fort in the field opposite where I live and the story is a secret door at the entrance of it but I must confess. I’ve never seen it.

There are lots of stories about different things that happened in the area. I’d like to share this little story with you. I was taking my grandson to Bohteen na Saggert, one day. He asked me to explain what that meant. First I’ll have to explain, there is this Big Rock with a split in the middle, which you can walk in through. I began to explain that the Catholic Religion was persecuted in this country. There were no churches, the priest was saying mass and the soldiers were after him. The rock opened to let him through, that’s how it got his name. He was nine years old at the time, he looked up at me and said, “Would you believe that granny I wouldn’t”.

Geraline Healy & Helen Cureen